PDJay Home - votable music for your guests!

PDJay Home is a music solution for every event, to give your guests a unique experience. The times where only the DJ had control over the music playlist, are finally over. Let your guests choose the music they want from their own smartphones with PDJay Home!

Users use their smartphones (iPhone, Android) to connect to your WiFi and are instantly able to see the currently playing songs and vote for their favorite songs!

What is PDJay Home?

PDJay Home includes two components:
  • the software for the computer, which contains your music library
  • the client App for your guests that they are able to easily connect to your computer

With the software your able to present your existing music library to your guests and allow them to vote on their favorite songs. If there aren't any votes currently, then PDJay Home will play randomly one out of your music library.
In addition the software manages all the guests, that want to listen to their favorite songs.

How do I get PDJay Home?

PDJay Home Server is currently available for Windows and Mac. And as client App for Android and Apple devices!

Without a license the Server version runs in testmode. In testmode you have the following limitations:
  • You're only able to load up to 10 Songs into PDJay Home
  • Your feature requests aren't high priorized
Get a PDJay Home license here.

Server Downloads:
For instructions see the readme_en.txt

Client Downloads:

PDJay Home jetzt vom Play Store laden!      PDJay Home jetzt vom Apple App Store laden!

New in server version 1.4:
  • Songmanager to manage and directly play Songs
  • Search function for guests and in the Songmanager
  • Securitydialog when closing the Server while music is still playing
  • Bugfixes

What does PDJay Home cost?

PDJay Home contains the software that is available above. It has the limitation of only 10 songs allowed to be added to PDJay Home.

For only 9.99 $ you get a one-year license which allows you to add an unlimited amount of songs to the software. In addition you'll always get the newest version of the software and your feature requests will be realized with the highest priority.

For your guests PDJay Home is always for free. The Apps for the smartphones are available in the Apple App Store/Google Play Store.

How do I get a PDJay Home license?

Get in contact with us. we're reachable by e-mail at: contact@pdjay.com
Try PDJay Home today and you will be excited !